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BioVac Industrial Services

BioVac Industrial Services is an industrial service provider that restores filtration systems and cleans industrial spaces. It was important to design a brand that alluded to this process, while also creating a modern, clean, professional and masculine feel. 


Brand Identity + Website


BioVac Industrial Services




Behind the Branding

The brand mark was designed to resemble the filtration system while also subtly contain the brand's initials - "B" & "V"

The bold sans serif type was selected to compliment the brand mark and further give a clean and masculine feel. 


Behind the Mark

The Brand Mark was design with the the brand initials "B" & "V" in mind. On the left and right side you can find the letter "B." On the top & bottom side, you can find the letter "V." 

The mark overall resembles the filtration systems that BioVac Industrial System uses on many projects. 

Color Palette

Primary + Secondary Colors

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 4.41.45 PM.png

More Projects

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