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Beauty with Funchion

Beauty with Funchion is a company with a hair styling focus. aims to produce an authentic, educational, come-as-you-are experience by providing custom experiences, styles, and education for each individual client or group of students.



Branding Identity

Beauty with Funchion



Image by Andrew Neel
Beauty With Funchion_white-82.png

Behind the Branding

The BWF brand mark was designed to have a delicate and modern feel while complimenting the main typography.

The thin/thick sans serif typography found in the primary and secondary marks give a dynamic, modern, and playful feel.



The small submark alludes to an upside down sunshine to give a sense of warmth and give a nod to the "boho chic" trend. The rays allude to the multiple aspects within the business - hairstyling, education, and products.

The Brand Identity Suite

Beauty With Funchion_Black-50.png
Beauty With Funchion_Black-55.png
Beauty With Funchion_Black-51.png
Beauty With Funchion_Black-53.png
Beauty With Funchion_Black-52.png
Beauty With Funchion_Black-54.png

Color Palette

Primary + Secondary Colors

Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 2.36.51 PM.png

More Projects

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